You put an idea forward and no one listens? Some other ‘boring’ idea gets more attention than yours? Can you relate to his? We can, been there, it hurts and this is probably one of the main reasons we PONY Express loves to support you communicating your ideas in a way so they resonate with others.

Ideas without taking ACTION aren’t really worth anything – right? Are you still sitting on the fence? Here are some reasons for you to kick-start your speaking, now! I mean right NOW, you want to grow your business and play a bigger game, don’t you? Being great at public speaking is a fundamental part to it as it as it displays confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.


You are pitching for funding! Leave them impressed and ready to invest as your professional & calm appearance leaves them assured you will get them their money back.

You are asked to explain your vision in front of a camera! Believe us, talking in front of cameras requires all the skills of public speaking, and more.

Your company grows and you are hosting seminars and workshops! No matter what business stage you are at, you will likely have a better chance with any client if you appear like a professional speaker.

You are updating employees or stakeholders! As a CEO your team expects you to be an inspiring example of a speaker.

You are asked to be on a panel of experts! Your communication skills outside your company are even more important than inside. You will be critiqued by industry analysts, potential strategic partners, your competitors and the media.

External perceptions often determine the reality of your company and your success.

TAKE RISKS – if you want something you never had, you must do something you never did – it might be PUBLIC SPEAKING for you.