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Speak to Grow your Business

Even the best content needs to be delivered in a powerful way to get your audience to listen and buy into you and your business!

23rd & 24th June 2017

Eventbrite - Speak without Limits - 1 Day Public Speaking Intensive - All levels

Level: Intermediate

You’ll learn the tools, techniques, tips and tricks you need to master the art of speaking, and dive into tasks and challenges to help you explore your limits and grow as a speaker.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED – however, if you’re feeling incredibly nervous we recommend attending ‘Falling in LOVE with PUBLIC SPEAKING‘ first.


Session 1: Content Creation & Structure

The most precious commodity in the world is the ability to create strong and engaging content.

Learn how to:

• Utilise our 7-Step Content Creation Tool
• Position yourself as an expert
• Make everyone feel part of your talk/presentation
• Use different delivery techniques to add impact

Session 2: Overcoming Judgement

Ever wish you always knew what to say and could think on your feet? Or what to do when you go blank? Or how to handle it when a situation goes wrong? The skill of Improvisation is fun to learn, fast-moving and immediately workable in any communication area in your life.

Learn how to:

• Stay in control at all times
• Keep your train of thought, even in challenging situations
• Think outside the box
• Embrace ad-hoc speaking opportunities with confidence and certainty

Session 3: Storytelling

Remember the enchanting storytelling experience Steve Jobs created from stage? Those who tell stories rule the world.

Learn how to:

• Take your audience on a powerful journey
• Evoke their imagination and emotions, and capture their interest
• Design and utilise your very own personal story

We’ll also teach you the PONY Express Impact Principles: Eight proven ways to communicate like a pro in every public speaking situation.

Your trainers:

Elliot Kay has accumulated over 6,000 hours on stage in front of audiences across the world and trained many businesses to pitch for investment. Working across both corporate and experiential training, Elliot has delivered training programmes for the likes of Sky Television, Talk Talk, NHS and Hewlett Packard. He also facilitates his very own ground breaking seminar on Business Growth Strategy to hundreds of people every year.

Annik Rau has over 30 years of experience being scared of speaking and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of looking silly in front of peers. This all came to an end in 2011, when she decided wasted enough time worrying about what others might think and PONY Express Speaker Training was born. She has trained with international speaker trainers like Clinton Swaine and Joanna Martin. She is also trained in clowning (!), the Meisner Technique and experiential workshop facilitation. Annik has delivered training to hundreds of enterpreneurs, corporate businesses and Tech start-ups pitching for investment.


‘Public speaking is different to delivering a training session and I had the perception that it is formal and only the highly skilled can execute at a good standard. After attending the PONY Express 1 Day Intensive ‘Speak without Limits’ my perception changed. The morning session made me realise that in fact most people can become an inspiring public speaker with the right training. PONY Express makes it easy & fun. The entire day was so down to earth, challenging and fun at the same time! One day instilled far more confidence than I expected. I started out terrified in the morning and at the end of the day, happy to speak to an audience for a few minutes with a non-polished speech. Not bad for a day’s learning! I will be back. Thank you. SheIina P., Health & Wellbeing Coach

‘PONY Express has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made it more comfortable.’ James N., Key Account Manager, Mercedes-Benz

‘The euphoria you feel after speaking is directly proportionate to the fear you felt before.’ Colin Firth, Actor

‘I thought I will be picking up few tips on public speaking, probably based on some pre-written text book or something. How wrong was I. There was no motivational textbook waffle but practical training of substance where I got to learn a lot more than I had expected by practising there and then and getting constant feedback from the trainers and others attendees. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get over their nerves of public speaking, as it will benefit you personally and professionally.’ DM, Solicitor

We’re looking forward working with you!

Your PONY Express Team: Elliot Kay, Annik Rau & Little Pony x

For more details call Annik: 07734 312891


PONY Express Speaker Training is for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to further their success through the medium of speaking.

The company was founded 2011 and named after the famous Pony Express mail delivery service in 1860s America, in which young riders risked their lives deliver a message. Our PONY Express is very similar. People face their fears and take a risk to step into the spotlight and deliver their message to the world. NO PONIES ARE HARMED IN THE PROCESS.