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Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking

14th July 2017 – Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking – Nerves & Psychology
Eventbrite - Fall in LOVE with Public Speaking - Beginners Day

Level: Beginners

Does the thought of speaking in public make you nearly feel like throwing up?

Or does the thought of walking onto a stage bring you out in a cold sweat?

If YES, this event is for you!

Join PONY Express for ‘Fall in Love with Public Speaking’ – an intensive day of public speaking training designed specifically for beginners and led by our expert speakers and coaches.

Perhaps you’ll be taking to the stage for the very first time. Perhaps you’re speaking already but still feeling uncomfortable. Or maybe you simply want to feel more confident talking to people or expressing your ideas.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, ‘Fall in Love with Public Speaking’ provides the materials, tools and techniques you need to begin realising your ambitions.

The small, supportive group and focus on experiencing and doing make it the perfect environment to overcome your fears and give you the courage to continue speaking with confidence.


• Strategies and techniques to become a confident speaker
• How to overcome self-doubt on stage and always know what to say
• How to deal with nerves during any speaking opportunity
• Tools for maximum speaking impact to take away and build on
• A deeper understanding of yourself, your story and your value


1. You have an underlying passion to make a difference in the world

2. You can be 100% committed during this day (that means phones off)

3. You’re wiling to get comfortable with being uncomfortable


Session 1: Waiting in the wings

We start by diving into the psychology of public speaking and learning the secrets of perfect preparation – how to overcome nerves and judgement, implement grounding techniques and boost your stage presence.

Session 2: In the spotlight

The second session will teach you how to improvise, what to do when your mind goes blank, how to create audience rapport and deal with hecklers. You’ll also learn the Pony Express confidence and courage techniques

Section 3: Yes you can

This is where everything you’ve learned comes to life. You’ll undertake the famous Vision Walk, showcase your newfound confidence and set action steps for your future as a speaker.

‘PONY Express throws boring, structured training out of the window and instead focuses on authenticity and helping you to present naturally with self-belief. The course was great fun – lots of laughter and learning. I would definitely recommend this public speaker training at any level.’
Toby F., Co-founder www.currencytoday.co.uk

‘What a fab event! I already feel I have broken through something and that’s after only one session…amazing! The content was so different and fresh from others courses. Great group, I am excited for the rest.’ Sue Sedgeman, Life Coach

‘Annik’s passion is partnered with her passion to see you become confident within yourself. You don’t have to do this course to do any public speaking. I did this course to be less fearful of speaking up, have more presence which, thanks to Annik, I achieved – and a lot more. I can not only speak up but speak up authentically, naturally and engage people. It’s an amazing feeling – THANK YOU!!!’ Lalita G., Financial Consultant


Gabi Glover used to be painfully shy but now she is a speaker, trainer and positive change strategist who specialises in helping professionals to feel more comfortable with themselves either personally or when at work. Having worked with hundreds of people over the last eight years, Gabi has a sound track record for increasing productivity levels as well as confidence. With multiple professional qualifications in her field, Gabi has an acute and incredibly in-depth understanding of our human make-up. Besides her over fifteen years blue chip corporate experience, Gabi also runs her own private consulting and training practice where she is known for her creative, personal approach and exceptional enthusiasm for problem solving.
Annik Rau has over 30 years experience being scared of speaking and declining speaking opportunities due to the fear of looking silly in front of peers. This all came to an end in 2011, when she decided wasted enough time worrying about what others might think and PONY Express Speaker Training was born. She has trained with international speaker trainers like Clinton Swaine and Joanna Martin. She is also trained in clowning (!), the Meisner Technique and experiential workshop facilitation. Annik has delivered training to hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate businesses.

“We are all unique and so is what we have to offer the world. The way we communicate gets buy-in to our ideas. Learning how to be a confident and courageous in different situations will not only help you in business but in putting your ideas and vision out there. And strong communication skills help you reach the top of your game and turn your dreams into reality. I LOVE this event. The intimate and super supportive environment helps people connect on a whole new level. I offer your money back should you not want to continue after the first few hours – it’s never happened. These techniques and exercises are fun and they work miracles.”

Questions? Email me annik@ponyexpressclub.com


PONY Express Speaker Training is for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to further their success through the medium of speaking.

The company was founded 2011 and named after the famous Pony Express mail delivery service in 1860s America, in which young riders risked their lives deliver a message. Our PONY Express is very similar. People face their fears and take a risk to step into the spotlight and deliver their message to the world. NO PONIES ARE HARMED IN THE PROCESS!