Falling In love with public speaking

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We know from experience that being a confident public speaker is one of the keys to business success; that’s why we created that encouraging positive environment that might open so many more possibilities than you ever thought of on your own. We also believe that no words will ever be able to describe your first REAL life PONY Express experience – join us at our next event.

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Remember: ‘The worst speech you will EVER give will be FAR BETTER than the one you NEVER give!’

Members Club

The PONY Express Members Club as a 6-month programme. How bold and fearless you want to become during this time, you decide!

      1. Designed to take you from starter to getting out there doing gigs in 6 months
      2. Includes 18 training modules over 6 Fridays
      3. Free entry to all 6 Club Night evenings & stage
      4. Content creation, body language, vocal projection, pitching, media training, improvisation, speaker modelling, storytelling, speaking gigs, audience facilitation & more
      5. Kick-Off workshop and Mastermind Groups to set your goals during the programme and keep on track
      6. Pep talk – Private Facebook Group – Kick-ass Text Messages – Networking & Community Support
      7. Access to professional speakers, entrepreneurs and business mentors

What makes PONY Express different?
We teach in an interactive & experiential way. You will be up learning and doing most of the time, ensuring a much higher progress and learning retention rate. Experiential learning is a high-impact educational training practise. It’s a learner-centred approach that gets you off your chair, out of your comfort zone, actively involved and responsible for your progress in a safe environment. This training format guarantees an immediate and noticeable difference in your communication approach.

2017 DATES:

June, 30th 2017 – Media Training, Video Confidence & Camera Impact with Claire AnsteyFriday
July, 28th 2017 – Powerful Facilitation – Leading Meetings & Running Workshops – Friday
August, 25th 2017 – Powerful Storytelling & The Art of Audience Engagement – Friday
September, 22nd 2017 – How to Sell Yourself & Pitch to Win More Business – Friday
October, 27th 2017 – The Power of Stage Archetypes & Speaker Modelling – Friday
November, 17th 2017 – The 7 Steps to Gaining More Visibility & Playing a Bigger Game in Your Industry  (including vocal coaching) – Friday
December, 8th 2017 – Media Training, Video Confidence & Camera Impact with Claire Anstey – Friday