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'Annik is a true leader and inspiration. She walks the talk of 'You can do it'. She encourages, inspires and helps others to become great speakers. She also shows us that our fears can be overcome, and generously shares with us an inspiring vision for the future. Thanks for being in my life, Annik. x' Q J, Branding & Marketing for Professional Speakers. Presentation Coach & Life-Saver to New Corporate Leaders (esp Gen X & Y)

'I recently spoke at PONY Express and was pleasantly surprised about how the event was run. Annik is always super helpful and positive and she's attracting a great crowd. The event has great value for any entrepreneur who wants grow their business through speaking and I highly recommend it.' Patrick M. Powers, Founder of Europe's Largest Business Meetup * Europe's No.1 Copywriter and Sales funnel Expert

'Annik has such focus and energy she carries the world along with her. Consistent and persistent in her dedication to business professionals, fledgling entrepreneurs and public speakers alike: empowering them to reach beyond their own perceived limits. She is a woman willing to stretch and lead by example, and therefore well worth following. Be inspired!' Michael Ronayne, Training the Trainer, Inspiring and enabling speakers and trainers reach their full potential, Public Speaking

'I loved attending Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking. I didn't really know what to expect and the way Annik built our confidence throughout the day by challenging us to grow, while keeping us knowing we were in a safe space was truly transformational for my public speaking nerves. I am ready to run more workshops now. Thank you!' Lesley Beattie, Helping People to Let Go & Be Organised

'Annik is a fireball of positive energy. It is as though she has laser beams for her eyes. When she says she can do something, she really can! She has the ability to see the broad picture at high speed. Driven, clever, creative and unstoppable. If you ever think you might need her services - you do. Contact her, you will be as amazed as I was. Oh, and she is a really great person as well, which helps!' Fergus McClelland, Owner, Vocaltrademark and Information Services Consultant

PONY Express is like Toastmasters on steroids.’ Chris Swain, IT Consultant

‘A great concept and the energy is amazing. Something like PONY Express was definitely missing. Even as an experienced speaker you need to practise and the PONY Express coaching caters for all levels and encourages people to stay true to themselves.’ Leon Aarts, Speaker, Author, Social Innovator & Entrepreneur

'I would have never thought I can get this far. Annik makes public speaking fun and it even got me to re-evaluate the meaning and potential of my life. I am 110% glad I joined the PONY Express Members Club. Thank you for your continious inspiration.' Selina Wang, Consultant

'Thank you so much Annik because if it weren't for your training my nervousness would have affected my speech so much. I delivered a great speech, was pausing at the right time and engaging with the audience. I can't believe how much I adapted to what you taught me. I received great feedback from all the delegates and you wouldn't believe it Annik, the one word that they were all using was 'inspiring'! I made really good business contacts including a very promising investor.' Emel H., Solicitor

'Annik throws boring, structured training out of the window and instead focuses on authenticity and helping you to present naturally with self-belief. The Members Club sessions are great fun, lots of laughter and learning, would definitely recommend her for public speaker training at any level.' Toby Fischer, Financial Services

PONY Express is unique, providing not only world-class speaker training, but also an amazing atmosphere, where dramatic and dynamic action is not only welcomed and nurtured, but absolutely required for those participating!’ Arjuna Krishna-Das, Communications Consultant

‘I love the speaking adventures within the Members Club and the games we play, they make stepping out of your comfort zone fun.’ Little Pony, Head of Membership

'I had a tooth operation this week. While I was waiting to be called I was extremely terrified and nervous and couldn't wait to get the anesthetic. In that moment I thought: 'I really prefer public speaking than waiting to be operated'. Thank you for your teaching, encouragement and dedication. I really strongly feel the power of this public speaking work since the first day I joined the Members Club.' Jonita Dsouza, Feminine Essence Coach

'The euphoria you feel after speaking is directly proportionate to the fear you felt before.’ Colin Firth, Actor

'What a great learning atmosphere. There was so much positive encouragement for all speakers and take-aways just from a few hours.' Jaina Dadia, Radio Show Host & PR Consultant