Everything you want is on the side of fear.

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Ultimately, at a Speakers Club night you will experience the basics of public speaking and many more advanced and intermediate techniques. You will see people training techniques they have learned from professional trainers like Joanna Martin, Dale Carnegie, Topher Morrison, Tony Robbins, Clinton Swaine or from Improvisation & Clowning.

Bring your open mind and fill it up with a series of tools and techniques ready to implement.

Since starting in May 2011, we have tested a variety of different formats to arrive at its current curriculum. One of the reasons our community keeps growing rapidly is the power of the results people achieve who dare to step out of their comfort zone, either on the night or by joining the Members Club.

SAFETY NOTE: there is absolutely NO requirement to speak. You are safe in the audience and take notes, enjoy the fun and learn through observation.

Speakers Club Night Format

Our panel of professional speakers represent your ‘inner voice’ or ‘inner critic’. Get instant feedback from your stage performance and experience instant growth.

Improv fun, group exercises or networking time – we make sure there is time in between to connect with others and share experiences.

A chance for you to get up, have fun and improvise! Different levels, no worries if you are a beginner – we make your start easy.

Event Plugs
Does anyone in the audience have an event coming up? Let everyone know and people can approach you to find out more.

5 Minute Speeches
Three prepared speeches performed by members.

Charlie’s Pitching Corner
Pitch your business to the audience and receive their feedback. Do they understand what your business is about? Clarity on what you do is key. CAUTION here: this experience might literally transform your business – audience feedback is one of the most powerful tools.

Speaker Modelling
Stepping into the energy of a well-known speaker – Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King or Michael McIntyre, expect the unexpected. Hand-picked to challenge the speaker and prepared in advance.
Drinks, hay and connecting at the end of the night.

We always have new people attending – it can get very busy, please ask us how to get the most out of your evening.

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