Falling In love with public speaking

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…my name is Annik and I am heading up the PONY Express Speakers team. In the past I would run a hundred miles at the thought of speaking to a group of people. I always had the idea of one day creating my own business but I was so scared of putting myself out there – what will people think if I get it wrong or what if no one would turn-up to our events? Believe it or not, I still worry about this every time we run an event but the show must go on, despite the crazy voices, right?

In May 2011, I ran the first PONY Express Speakers Club from a pub in Islington with 20 people. We have since helped thousands of professionals to speak on more stages, grow their business or successfully raise investment – all through the power of public speaking.

We run a monthly Speakers Club night, a beginners day, a two-day intensive and a 3-month or 12-month programme.

Public speaking is much more than speaking as such – it´s about becoming who you really are, daring to voice your real opinions, standing up for yourself without trading your authenticity for approval, it´s about playing a bigger game and showing the world that your belief and certainty are bigger than your fears. It’s about doing something your future self will be proud of!

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Speakers Club Nights 2016:

22nd June – How to Build a Speaking Business Facebook event

20th July – 24th August – 21st September – 19th October – 23rd November – 14th December 2016


24th June 2016 – Speak to Grow your Business Workshop – 10 am to 1 pm

Trainings 2016: 

9th July 2016 – Falling in LOVE with Public Speaking – Grounding, Nerves & Psychology

3rd & 4th June 2016 – Speak to Grow your Business Training 


EMAIL: annik@ponyexpressclub.com – or check in via EVENTBRITE.

(If nerves get to you please attend Fall in LOVE with Public Speaking first.)

or contact us for the popular 3 or 12-months Members Club training programme.

See you on stage or in the audience,

Annik & Little Pony x

Lubna Gem Arielle
Artist, Lecturer & Author
The Pony Express team is inspirational in their passion for speaking. I love the honest feedback and opportunities to get on stage. There is such an atmosphere of safety and trust – the improvement tips I received transformed my speaking. It helped me to grow my business and the amount of speaking gigs I get booked for.
Bruce Hurd
Mindset Coach & Adventurer
So many useful and practical tips for immediate implementation, delivered with energy, enthusiasm and credibility. PONY Express Speakers Club is a must attend event. Awesome.
Juliet Humphrey
Executive Development Trainer
I trained in theatre but speaking in public felt pretty daunting as I wasn't playing a role but being myself. Over the last 6 months, so much fear holding me back has dissolved. I now enjoy presenting and started holding webinars with my very own content!